Friday, 22 September 2017

Hello Again

It has been ages since I last sat down to write anything on my blog, opps. I shall try to be more active over here again, might have a few upcoming collaborations so I hope it all goes well!  Also, I'm more active on my instagram (@fishaberry) recently, especially on instagram story (posts are visible for 24 hours only)!

The past few years have whizzed by and so many things are different now..... I spend 30+% of my week in front of the computer, not to blog but at work..... I find simple joy in having yummy food and drinking a good milk tea..... I started to appreciate travelling.....


And now, I'm also doing the two biggest projects in my life - searching for my first property and planning my wedding. Both projects are huge and have so many different parts to take care of!! Do let me know if you have any contacts, recommendations or what to avoid, I'll be very grateful! :)

Okay back to my research now..