Monday, 16 January 2012


Some few days ago I've tweeted that I already felt the busy-ness of sem 2. Nw I'm feeling it even more!!! Look at this :( Brief outlook of january. Pre-planned stuffs already this much. And y'know, most stuffs are always last minute.. *dies*

Super glad that I have a "free" day today, so tha tI can sleep in till 11 plus. Woke up with an aching body, probably from last night. But my free day not free one, especially today, busy till night. Not for personal stuff please :(

Cheerlead is gonna make me real busy, 4 days a week after chinese new year! Plus my birthday's saturday :O Wonder how am I going to wake up every morning for lessons during that period hmm. But I can imagine me being not so fat for a while in february wheee! Super scared for HO.

I'm quite angry at myself, because I didn't blog for more than a week! Hit $50 and then I start slacking again. Cannot........... MUST. BLOG. MORE. OFTEN.

Wahahaha anyway byes. Gonna go for lunch and then lab soon! Happy Chinese New Year! In case I not free to blog the next few days! (I think I will though)

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