Monday, 23 January 2012

CNY day 1

Urm, today's photos ony a few cawhoring shots, so ya. Lazy to even edit color tone, so yeah, some photos might look weird. :S

Went my dad's side gramps first, then my mum's side. Visited 2 house today only! Like usual only.

This photo my sis got the sexy look sia haha! Nice! But why she no wear color contacts her eyes more brown than me??????

I like color contacts plus falsies muahaha. But angry now, I lost one side of it after I came home. My favourite pair and is expensive one lehhh. ROARS. Lost one side = lost a few dollars. GRR. And not like I can buy back one side, got to buy 2 sides at a time.

meeeeeeee. I don't know how that white patch on my cheek came about LOL.

Waaa I think I look kind of old here. But the effect cool ah, this iphone app. Can some part black-white and some part color. Look at my big red flower dresssss. Just for chinese new year haha!

Being stupid with sissie, but this photo is cute aha!

Yay HUAT ah! :D Actually my angbao money super little please. OHOHOH, but one of it contains like $100, super shocked. I think one of my relatives gave me a wrong packet or something :S

Gambled with my sister and 2 cousins, played blackjack only. I won and lost and won and lost and won don't know how many times. We played 10c 20c (and I played 50c sometimes), and I won $3.55 overall! LOL. Not bad ah! Imagine if its $1 $2 and $5, I would've earned like $35?!?! Ok, but we didn't play that big and I didn't win that big, just self-entertaining here only. Finally used my cute cute purse to contain the coins, super fat just now after the winnings! Cute right!!!!

Ahahaha byeeeeeee.

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