Saturday, 21 January 2012

eve's eve

Yesterday supposed to have lunch with 2h, but I woke up late in hall and didn't know its brunch instead of lunch! So ended up not going.. The night before had scooby steamboat! Fell asleep before gambling or stuff at night, still can't wake up early!

Dinner was supposed to be with 31 girls, with 5 people haha.. Ended up with chingshia, geokfen and me only! :O Didn't see them for so looong hehe.. Had sho teppan for dinner! First time eating it, smells very good please, and we had a long wait, but every piece of chicken have skin, I eat until quite xin ku D: If only no skin, sure very nice!!!!!!!

This is my chicken terriyaki set with peach juice (which I think can be bought from daiso at $2 only actually).

Muaha, now gonna do my nails for CNY le! :D Having dinner at somewhere nice tonight, blog about it another time~

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