Sunday, 22 January 2012

Reunion dinner at TODAI!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!! Past 12am already haha. Wish everybody good luck in the new year, students to have good results, adults to have a good career, everybody have good health, old people to have a long life, urm receive loads of ang baos, and and and........ aiya stop.

Yesterday/Just now, had reunion dinner with my family! Going out~

Wore my new polka dress muahaha. And brought my new handbag out! Cute!

Luckily we cabbed there if not we'd be late for dinner!!! Quite cheap, my house to MBS is like $6 only!

We had dinner at Todai at marina bay sands! Cool right, felt like so atas please haha! But its not that cool though. Booking was for 5pm, so people went early and queued along the chairs placed along the wall. So did we. And we camwhored.

Anyway, when it was 5pm, people start to chiong towards the entrance and form another queue. Totally sianned please, Singaporeans just the same everywhere. Already made reservations, cut queue for what?!?!?!

Luckily we still managed to get in quite early. Once we got in, no more time for photos haha! 2 hours only, got to chiong! So ya, my photos of food totally unawesome. The spread was huge, japanese, korean, italian and singaporean style.. These photos are some of the food I ate. I don't eat sashimi and sushi so no photos of those, although the japanese spread was quite huge.

This are the fried stuffs. My first round!

Baked scallops and pizza!

Prawn cream spaghetti!

Some cute desserts~ See the yellow round thing? Its creme brulee/ creme caramel, awesome and sweet!

Crabmeat&corn soup and mushroom cream soup, both I super like!

Every table have a serving of lobster! Or rather, everyone are entitled to half a lobster each. Mum commented that the flesh not very tender (I don't know the exact word to describe???) so ya..

But they're huge!! Compare the size of my hand to them!

I drank loads of green tea! One important tip for eating buffet: drink hot green tea instead of cold and gassy drinks! Really aids in digestion and reduce the bloatedness haha! Really works!!! Try it haha..

Anyway the food on the whole, I think its not worth the $80+, I can't eat enough to pay off for the amount we paid to get in! Plus my favourites are always prawns when I go to buffets, the prawns they have here are those crystal prawn type, look glassy and no taste, sad max! I prefer other buffets to this, but my whole family says this is very very nice so ya! My taste got problem lor :O

Went ang bao river to walk walk after dinner, not nice and not fun haha!

Okay it's almost 2am already. Got to go sleep now, bai nian tomorrow!

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