Saturday, 7 January 2012

some personal to-do list

School is freaking starting tomorrow :(

But I have no lessons tomorrow wahaha! ;)

I thought I came in hall early to nua, but realised I got quite some stuffs to do!

1) Print my new timetable, and maybe make a nicer one~ Muaha. If I have the mood.

2) Print stuffs available from edventure. I hate doing this. I hate printing things one by one, why can't we have a frigging textbook and workbook? Blah. And it seems like the cores mostly got nothing to print, its the irritating electives which I haven't even decide if I want to take.

3) Do up my personal noticeboard at my room. It was white last sem, this sem it shall be black! The excess paper from block 23's noticeboard LOL. And my board have loads of over due and useless stuffs now, gotta take them down.

4) Update my organiser, always end up not using my organisers every year, brrrr, must save paper!!

5) Bling something before my blings rot. They have been lying in hall in loneliness the past week when I'm sick at home. Right now, the more likely candidates are my organiser or mp3.

6) Submit the cheerlead idenmity form tomorrow morning.

7) Submit my giro form. I keep forgetting to submit it since like a few months ago after the last time we paid our hostel fees, brrrgh.

That should be all for now, hopefully. Maybe I forgot some, memory always super bad after having fever.

Omg ok after this post my blog will look like super pictureless again!!

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