Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Feel so hardworking, third post in a row with quite a lot of photos!!

Had a girls day out with cheer girlfriends yesterday (27/2)! We were basically on a deal/voucher trip hehe! Bought vouchers for lunch and manicure beforehand!

Firstly, lunch was at Tinge of Blue at Safra Mt Faber! Its a cafe by the pool hahaha, we were trying to see if there are hunks swimming or not, total fail haha. Design of the place quite chic! We all sat at a quite cool high table!

The food was okay okay, expensive if we don't have voucher!

OOOOHHH, I must say, I love love love their mushroom soup! Nice! :D

Mozerella cheese balls! Super sticky and sinful muahaha.

Hawaiian pizza~

Seafood platter! They loved the fish! I'd still prefer fish&co~

Chocolate lava cake!

Ooooohhhhhhhhh look at the yummy lava flowing out!

We also had a 3 scoop ice cream to finish spending the full voucher amount, forget to take photo of it, but don't look nice also, just a randon three scoops in a small bowl, no toppings, no nothing!

Next, we went Far East Plaza to do our nails! Got voucher for gelish manicure!

This is the link for the deal! http://www.shiokdeal.com/team.php?id=344&c=maillist&utm_source=shiokdeal+database&utm_campaign=09276d2874-20022012_A2_20_2012&utm_medium=email Actually, I wanna say, don't buy if you were considering lol. The shop only have 2 seats for manicure customers, and when I made appointment for 5, they didn't say anything! Plus they tally did not record the appointment down. The person who did my nails was super lousy! I think even I can do a better job please! And the 5 nail art that's free, cannot do polka dot or stripes, can only paint glitter or paste ribbon or blings. Worse thing is, 5 fingers of glitter or 5 pieces of thingy to paste on only. Really kind of like getting people to top up and stuff. Roar.

But anyway, in the end, I'm still kind of happy lah, going for manicure with girlfriends and my nails look okay from far. And finally I have bimbotic nails for the first time in my life, specifically referring to the 2 big ribbons that I've chosen. And its gelish, hopefully can last me a good 3 weeks, although I'm not very gentle hehe. And currently I have zero expectations of the ribbons, tell y'all more later on.

So anyway, me and rowena did first, followed by guiru halfway, then pam and lulu.. Me being nice so there's a photo of the last 2 when they're getting their nails done!

And a camwhore shot with guiru after we're done haha.

When me, guiru and rowena were done, we went to some shop nearby for a walk, and my first ribbon dropped already!!! Like a fail, not even 5 minutes seriously! Ok this ribbon thingy, I don't know its because I'm too rough, or the shop person sucks at pasting or its just meant to drop this quickly. Heard before that they tend to fall off very quickly but I really didn't expect it to be this fast!!! When we went back to the shop, lulu was like, "Let's see whose nail art drops first!" And I'm like, "mine dropped already T___T" HAIZ. Got it fixed of course, but along the way, as we went shopping and I had dinner with boyf, and before I reached home, all 2 ribbons and 2 blings fell off. The last bling fell as I washed my hair at night. Greatness :( Just glued the 2 ribbons back with uhu glue, wonder if it'll be more lasting or not?

Anyway, here are our nails!

My left hand..

Right hand..

Green is lulu's pink is rowena's, blue is pam's and purple is guiru's!

I think mine nicest! Hahaha! Whatever, I think everybody will think that way of their own nails :P My pink nails with black ribbons is like charmy kitty's theme color! Oh, should have added purple too :S

Went shopping around for a while after that. We all went crazy in a shop selling loads and loads of heels! They have the same design in many different colours, and those basic design ones cost $10 only! Really madness lor! Tried the shoes like mad! I felt that the heels they liked kind of uncomfortable (the ones in the photo below), another $30 pair caught my eye, and they helped me bargain it down to $15! Like a pro seriously! So we all bought shoes muahaha! Guiru bought 2 pair somemore!! Rowe and lulu bought the colourful heels, pam bought flats (because the the heels dont have her size for the color that she wants), me bought camel heels (picture below), and guiru bought my heels in black and flats too. We can be shopaholics already! Also can be budget barbie haha! 6 pairs of shoes at $70, where to find?! #cheapsteal

This one is the ones that lulu and rowe bought, we anyhow wear color for photo-taking purposes only hehe!

Mad love my camel heels! First time I got shoes with this color! Sexy please! The heels are like as tall as an iphone, 3+ or 4 inches? Wonder if I'll ever wear this~ I'll be so tall wheeeeeee!

Really had fun with the girls! Happy day hehe! ♥

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