Friday, 3 February 2012

my 20th!!!

see my three new boyfriends on the card? cute right! 

whenever I see this I wanna laugh hehehe. the person who drew this too cute already LOL.

this bear got wings!!! so cute!

Polka inside wahaha, I can imagine me being super happy when finishing my maggie mee/soup and seeing the pink polka insides of the cup.

my roomie's gifl wrapping skill is power!

Too cute already hahaha! But she never mail to me, she passed it to me lol.

Self-customised with love leh! :D





waa someone's nose like a straight :O

not straight nose + blur photo


the stuffs served before the main course came.

happy with his food!


My ebi katsu! The photos I took with my food too ugly, bobian!

Drinking tea, I so class right!

Oh ya the power miso soup with loads of thingy inside, so cool, nicer than the usual miso soup alot!!!

DINNER at G7 with family!


Signature tofu and french bean!

Mango chicken!

Salted egg crabby! The salted eggie stuffs very nice to eat with rice muahaha yums.

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