Monday, 6 February 2012

my speedy weekend

Ate at jurong point's RIA, not bad, but waited quite long for food. Hungry :O

My only potentially nice camwhore photo got screwed by him :O But still post hahaha.

Went watsons and bought something that I'm superbly happy with!!! 18 lovemore masks (assorted) for $18.90!!!!!!! OMGGG please! And is my melody one! Ahhh cuteness. It has cute my melody instructions at the side one, when I go home I take the photo again haha. Super worth it and cheap and is the brand I like currently!

Went around shopping for angel and mortal gift and people's birthday present. Kind of failed, didn't buy anything much. Got to shop this coming weekend for valentine's day already!!

Went home, had dinner with mummy and we bought yusheng home! Ate it with daddy. I only ate the crackers hehehe :D 3rd yusheng I had this CNY.

Sunday, almost the whole day was given to cheerlead. Had dry run and training.. Super sian, fell down and killed my ankle twice in a day. Now my ankle looks like got tumour inside, super fat please. Really hope it will faster recover or be good on wednesday at least.

Super scared for wednesday!!!!


Anyway,  I bought something cute on thursday, forget to post the picture anywhere, so post here! Assorted one, and like 2+ times the usual size of the box?


URGH, my hair just doesn't want to dry. Its 3.03AM now. No wonder I don't go for supper nowadays. My hair is like a huge forest of dead cells seriously. Lalala. No school tomorrow, but quite a lot of stuff to do. ZZZZZZ. Laundry, pay school bills, catch up on e-lectures, catch up on tutorials, lunch, dinner, cultural night~~

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