Friday, 24 February 2012

Recess recess!

WARNING: After this post, you might be very sick of me, me and me. Muahaha there are quite a few camwhore shots of me so if you hate me please close this window first LOL..

Yesterday was HOCC! Went to watch and support hall 4. Luckily me, shihting and fiona went early, if not not enough seats!!! I was feeling nervous for no reason, I'm the audience lor -.- Luckily our hall was first to perform, then I don't have to feel nervous for too long. Felt like dancing again after watching so many halls perform. Everytime I watch dance-y stuffs I'll feel inspired to dance again. Anyway, I watched the performances till I feel super super tired also, I don't know why leh. And was fungryyyy.

Our hall's dance video!

Anyway my long awaited week is here! And finally done with 1 test, phew.

Went out with mum today! I piled make up on meself, felt like 10000 years never put make up already. Plus I was in spectacles for the past week, feeling uglier than ever the whole weeeeeek!

We watched the movie LOVE at filmgarde iluma. Quite a nice show, much better than what I've expected!

Dinner was at v8 cafe, the place with my favourite alio olio :D Prawn is mine!

Okay, now for my self-appreciation lol.

Changed my toe nail's color!

Sick of me le ma? Hehe.

Anyways, I wanted to buy freshkon sparklers just now!!! Decided that I'm lazy to do online fundtransfer and then wait for the online lenses to ship and take the risk of getting unauthentic lenses and stuff. But my mum was beside me going "Nooooooooooo" so I didn't buy just now. Plus I can't decide on 4 out of 6 colors to buy. Help!!!! Probably pick one brown out from the 2, and which other color to eliminate??? Excited for myself even though I haven't buy =.=


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