Tuesday, 21 February 2012


If anyone noticed, my older posts are gone! This is because I decided to archive them away, you can still find them at http://eijgniy1.onsugar.com!

Found my blog kind of messed up, thanks to me being lazy in the middle of last year, not tagging and categorising my posts, so decided to restart! I've reblogged all my entries after 31 DEC 2011 to this URL, new start! (should have done it in january, would have saved me so much trouble just now.....)

Anyway, now I'm a little confused myself, but I guess everything should be fine already! Just continue coming to this URL! :D Was dealing with the URL stuff, blog design stuff, advertisement html codes and what-nots just now, almost fainted.

Got to take some time to tag and categorise my this year's posts soon! BOO~

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