Monday, 12 March 2012

A trip to the pasar malam!

Went to extension's pasar malam just now (12/3) with boyf! :)

Had a super happy time, ate lots of junk and cheap food till we're super full! Ramly burger, cup corn, cheese saussage, cheese tofu, egypt chicken kebab, muah chee and green tea! Like a shiok! (uh-oh tummy gaining prominence in my body frame since end of HOOC)

The night market is quite big scaled, we walked to and fro loads of times to buy food haha! They sell many snacks, clothes and iphone covers at super low prices, happy max! He bought snacks back, I bought a maxi romper and iphone covers!

The spaghetti top is mine, placed there for photo taking purpose only! When it was hanging at the shop I was still contemplating to buy or not because it looks too big and long for me! Decided to buy it and alter it myself. When I tried it in my room, look damn fat please! :( But I will still wear it, I like it!!! Must go jian fei!!

3 plain plastic iphone covers for $10! For me to bling hahaha! YA ACTUALLY I STILL NO IPHONE LOL. Prepare first, then when I finally get my phone, it'll have a lot pretty pretty clothes to wear lalala~


Anyway, here is My Beauty Diary's 2012 skin glow All-in-One Kit! Haven't used this brand's masks before, gonna try it soon! :D

A total of 16 masks inside! Mad!! How to choose which one to use right??? All different flavour and different purposes!!!

I feel super smart, I can't decide between the 16 types, so I turned to my roomie and say "1 to 16, choose one number!" And she chose "8". 8th one is Bird's Nest Mask!

Yay gonna mask after this post!

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