Sunday, 18 March 2012

another weekend flew by

My weekend flew past too quickly! Not much photos because I didn't bring my camera out!

Anyway, I have a spare phone replacement haha! My sis's contracted ended and she got a new phone, so I got to use her old blackberry as my spare phone lalala~ no more army phone! And got camera!! *bliss* Downloaded apps and stuffs, but in the end I realised my phone wasn't using wifi leh! Kind of scared of the extra charges now.

Had dinner with boyfriend's ex-classmates at Hot Pot Culture at marina square! First time eating there, its buffet style, with a personal hot pot each, like a steamboat! But there are cooked food for us to order too! Didn't take photos of the food except for the below. Realised taking photos at buffets are kind of weird, because there is zero presentation and we should just gobble everything in sight to make our money worth haha! After the soup pot, we can ask for a change to chocolate fondue!! WHOOOOO. Marshmallows in a pot of hot chocolate is da bomb!! With bananas!! (Suddenly reminded of daffy's bananas and potatoes lol)

Sunday was spent shopping with him again! Were at town, ate loads of stuffs as we were shopping hehehe. We bought cute tees and I bought a box of ten pairs of falsies from far east plaza! The ten pairs of falsies are all different, happy si wo le~

And yuppie, that's all for my weekend! those 48hours felt like 6hours only? Time really passed super quickly.

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