Sunday, 11 March 2012

First time to ikea~

Last week, I mentiond that I've never been to ikea, and have never ate meatballs, William brought me there today! :) The place is really quite difficult to get to, gotta take bus from queenstown mrt, and the frequency of the bus is like - bleah. But super a lot of people there!!! Especially at the food place, the queue is like mad loooooooooooooooong.

Yummy yummy foodie that took W don't know how long of queueing to buy. (while I was fighting for chairs at the eating area LOL)

A carnivorous lunch... Meatballs!! So many.... Super love the gravy and jam haha!

Chicken wings!!!!!!!!!!

This chocolate and butterscotch cake! Also yums!

Lastly.... Photos of humans!! :D

Signature hand sign...

He look super duper happy here haha, so cute.

This photo super funny hahahaha! Like the jelly super godly or what...


We got a voucher from ordering the food, so we shopped the whole ikea to find somthing to spend the voucher on haha! Took a long long time. Super fun looking at the furniture and stuffs! We ended up getting 2 same cushions that cost nearly the price of the voucher haha. New addition to my bed!

Anyway, happy monthsary!!!!! ♥ Someone owe me another day! :)

Just now, I did something bad, opps. Thanks to my temper... Feel super bad until now!!! :( *slaps*

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