Thursday, 15 March 2012

Movie day! :D

Went out for lunch and movie and shopping (supposedly smoochiezz) with the princesses yesterday(15/3)! :D With Clara, Eunice, Daffy and Eason! Cheryl was servicing her hand~~

Lunched at pizza hut! A bit photo spam below haha! 'Cause we were waiting for our food~~

Hahaha what's daffy doing!!!

Chicken royale x3!!!!! :D

Eason took for us..

So he got a solo shot with all the food haha!

After lunch we went on to cineleisure for our movie!! Eunice and I was trapped in the nail polish shop for don't know how long while the other 3 boyboy wondered away lol. Bought 4 nail polishes each! Happy si le! (But in the end we never go smoochiezz yesterday!!)

Watched John Carter, quite nice! But there are some parts that I don't understand, opps. Still not bad la haha! Looooong movie, like 2 hours?

Hahaha, this is the mars's dog! Cute leh hehehe! I like it!!

We saw these and went to take photos hahaha! A bit shy, so put all 3 together make the photo smaller :x Only Eason look okay, me clara and daffy no neck one LOL, weird!

Lalala~ Like that only, but felt very tired after the trip lol!

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