Thursday, 22 March 2012

random pieces

This week flew past so quickly! The past weekend feels like a few hours ago only, when its actually 5 days ago. 5 days just zoomed away.

Loads of work to catch up on now, really sad. zzzzzzzzzz.

Just had CAB and subcomm night at Blujaz cafe, got these! So cute!!

Cheryl baked brownies, yummy!!

One of my gel nails chipped when I bathed, so I plucked them all out. This time round, my nails don't look very damaged after plucking. But feeling kind of plain now already.

Thinking of what manicure to paint this weekend. Minions? More polkadots? Leopard prints? Floral? Just plain coloured? Or................?

Oh, did you know, finals is just a month away? So soon! I don't understand why sem 2 is like 10x faster than sem 1.

Well, I'm supposedly enjoying it since time passed faster right?

Thinking if I should really get a pink bb housing and live with the bb till the new iphone comes out?

What should I order from taobao? So many stuffs to choose from....

Okay, why are there so many stuffs going through my head now???????? Urgh. Maybe I should go sleep soon. Shall tag this post another day. And hope my bad habit of not tagging doesn't come back again.

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