Friday, 30 March 2012

strictly pancakes! :)

Yay, finally a nice nice post about somewhere nice with someone nice and not just a random post or a post about girly stuffs hehe! :)

Warning: my eyes are blue today!!! (But not very obvious!!)

Varying picture quality as I used both my camera and bb!

As the title says, I went to eat pancakes for lunch with le boyf today! Its at princep street opposite parklane shopping centre, got to walk from dhoby ghaut...

First time being there!!!! Was so excited the past few days lalala~

Him looking at the menu.. He thinks that he looks very "ah beng" here but my bag in the background spoiled his image hahaha!

Waiting for food............ CAMWHORE(S)!!!

He finds joy in kiapping my face fats :O

Don't sian at our photos... Food coming up!

The way they serve the butter and maple is so cute haha! Maple syrup are called "shots", like alcohol like that right?

His Benedict the Thief! Poached egg, turkey ham and pancake, plus the creamy eggy sauce!! His butter is garlic and herb!

My potatoes leeking cheese! The potato is in the pancake already, with sour cream and the black stuff are mushrooms! Mine is salted butter!

The photo of me and my food look awkward, so not posting....

At first I was still thinking, my one smell nice but don't taste as nice. In the end I piled everything together, the pancake, butter, maple syrup, sour cream and mushroom to try, and its like super nice!!!! The combination is just awesome!! Sweet and salty and cheesy omg!! We both were like closing our eyes to savour it! Cannot believe this weird combi tasted so nice haha! One of the yummy bites! :D

He was saying mine nicer, his not nice, in the end he eat all together he also say not bad haha!! I think this photo looks super yummy, the maple syrup is like oozing out awwwww!!!

Super happy meal lalala, spent loads of time layering my food lols, and spammed loads of maple syrup! The only bad thing about there is need to walk and the sofa a bit dirty!!

Went past the cathay and we tried the free photobooth! Super LOL. We saw a cameraman at a side then we thought we are gonna get tricked like the people in  "just for laughs" haha!!!

In the booth there are just buttons and a mirror, and we are supposed to press the 3 buttons and wait 30seconds for the flash each time. Super long and weird right, 'cause they never put a timer and we need to smile for so long! Really think  that we got tricked already!!! So end up making weird faces only lol. In the end we got this:

Its actually just some project to advertise some anime marker from fable castle I think.. And behind the mirror there was actually someone there drawing impromptu! Quite cool LOL

Gonna blog about my blue lens another day! :)

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