Saturday, 17 March 2012

Using my dotting tools!

Ordered my 5 piece nail art dotting tool online and they finally arrived! The shop owner added in purple and white strawberrys in my package haha!

Woohoo. and I had fun with them last night today! Tried my hand at marbling, again, as well as drawing polkadots! Both marbling and dotting done over my pink gel base, that explains the gap between the color and my nail bed.

Marbling.. These were the first 2 nails to get marbled, also the only 2 that are nice. But still, overall. a super messy job -.-  Need more practice seriously.

The more screwed up ones, post blur picture only, really not nice lol.

Polka nails! Did black french tips for some nails because its too tedious to dot every nail lol. I re-dotted quite a few times!! Luckily look not bad in photo haha~

Tadah!! :D If you look carefully, actually I kind of screwed up too, especially the right hand~

But still.... Love my nails hehehe. Can't tell from far ma, so only me and the people who read this knows they're quite screwed hohoho.

Blur photo look perfect le lor :D

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