Friday, 20 April 2012

1 down, 4 more

Hello everybody!

Finally took my first paper of this semester today! Hope it was okay ~ Now, another 4 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week, I was basically a no life-r in hall, either muggnig or stoning or sleeping or wandering around online! Like really nothing interesting to blog about, worried that people will stop visiting my blog! So I'll just rant abit here now.

Feet up the table when I study haha!

To-bring list! This has been on my board since the previous finals actually hehe..

When I was bored, I did this in boyf's room lol~

My online expenditure is kind of crazy now, look at my list! Waiting for all to come~ Hope nuffnang and gushcloud give me more ads, then I can cash out more moolahs!!!

Anyway, I'm thinking of doing preorders for contact lenses like geo, i fairy and kimchi lenses. Excited much! But don't know if I'll succeed or not, shall see about it after exams! The lenses are so pretty!!! :D

Back to battle preparation, bye! :D

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