Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Freshkon sparklers in glittering blue!!!

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In the "strictly pancakes" post, I mentioned that I was wearing blue contact lenses and will be blogging about it! Here is it!!

This is my first time trying freshkon color fusion lenses! Was always indecisive over the colours, and then a promotion came out (see below) and totally blew the need to decide on what colour to buy lol.

I wore Freshkon Color Fusion, Glittering Blue from the sparklers series!!

Opened them.. (Opps my case is grey so can't really see the design clearly :S)

When worn!! With flash (L); normal lighting (R); in any random photo (bottom)

Unlike those tri-tone lenses with a yellowish ring around the pupils, it is light blue with black rims, more suitable for black-eyed people like most asians! Super like the sparklers series lalala~

Colour is visible without being too fake! But from far cannot really see. I guess all colour lenses are like that in the end :/

Also, the diameter is natural 14.2mm, the usual size, not like those huge lenses (15~20mm mad big ones you can try googling -.- ) that are more popular now.

Super comfy, no discomfort from the first moment i put it in my eyes! Didn't dry my eyes up too, and it was super easy to remove on first try hehe, likes!!

Only thing is that have to put a bit of makeup at least, if not will really look like alien!!!

Anyway, here is the promotion! I know a little slow in sharing lol, but still got three weeks plus (till 30apr)to buy lor, don't sad haha!

Haha this totally explains why I bought blue lenses already right? Got my sparklers at 2 pairs for $25, what a steal right!!! There are other series to choose from, but I guess I'd prefer sparklers anytime.. Maybe I will try out solitaire series next time hehe..


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