Sunday, 1 April 2012

My april fools' day 2012! :D

HAHA, I think that my april fools' joke was quite a success!! My most successful one ever. If you missed it, here is it!

I actually have no plans to do anything for april fools', but some contact lens website caught me, their newsletter today said that if we enter some discount code, we will get a special mysterious discount. I went to cart something and check out to see how much cheaper, and don't have one, make me happy for nothing!!!! So I need to plot revenge on other people lol!!

There are people who smsed, facebooked and tweeted me after I blogged that entry. Hahaha, totally epic!!! Most funny ones would be those jidong people who didn't scroll down to the bottom of the post before reacting like michelle, who is like the first one to text me. My dad also smsed to scold me for getting a tattoo lah omg hahaha. Super mad, till 11pm last night, I have 106 unique visitors!

Also, I am very proud of my boyfriend lah, he is like the only one who immediately saw through my joke, too pro le! I personally delivered this joke to him, whatsapped him the photo saying, "actually I kept something from you" and I went out. On sms I was like "Got see my whatsapp?" He coolly replied, "Yup your fake tattoo! Haha. Want trick me right." I'm like "AIYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" deep inside lol.

HEHEHE, back to school day, no more april fools'!!!

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