Thursday, 12 April 2012

pic-bits #1 - food during the week

Realised I'll always have a bunch of random photos every few days! Decided to name this kind of posts pic-bits hahaha! Okay, anyhow one, but lol, at least random photo spam can now have a category in my blog called pic-bits haha! Already had a few posts like this, I shan't re-title them, but I labelled them already.

This post is all food that I randomly had throughout this week haha! Feel like a pig :O

The chocolate brownie cake which le boyf and I ate for supper from Marriott Hotel! So pretty but I kind of spoiled it while carrying it back to hall..

Trying out scoopz ice cream + waffle!

Strawberry yan yan!

First time getting food from supperclub!!!! Katong laksa!!!!! (fats hehe)

Palette's grilled fish not bad eh!


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