Friday, 13 April 2012

pic-bits #2 - the last week of sem 2

This kitty kept appearing outside my room last week, no more now already :( IT HAZ BLUE EYES!!! Super cute. Cats with blue eyes are too cute!

Bunnies too! I wanna get this bunny for my pet!!!!! :O Saw this photo online, mad cute!!!! But actually I'm wondering if I dare to touch it..

My midnight surprise!!! :)

Me haz a card!! :D

While taking a break during studying for cm1041..


Block tee is out! William designed it! Quite nice leh :D

Last mid-term of sem 2 is officially over!!! Those "♥"s are my attempts to lie to myself that I love cm1041.

Went home and another China Glaze polish I ordered two weeks ago came in the mail!! :D This is from The Hunger Game latest collection, happy! Super like this color! Can't wait to swatch my new polishes (along with the other 3 last week), but I guess that'll most likely be after exams?

Something made me superbly happy on thursday!!! I found my blog featured on freshkon's FB page!! I almost bursted with joy lol!! Here --->

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