Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pizza hut with mum and dad!

This post is mainly a camwhore post, exactly 66.66666% are my camwhoring photos with mummy's iphone! There are a total of 9 photos, meaning only 3 photos are photos of food.... In case people miss me too much during exam period where I'll cut down on blogging..... Opps! If you don't wanna see my face, scroll down by 6 photos! :P

Show off my blue lens again lalala~ Didn''t put falsies so look a bit plain..




Me haz brown hair here lol!!

Finally its food time!

Clam soup, salad and prawn alio olio! The pasta is nice! ;)

Chicken royale baked pasta and hawaiian pan!

Chocoberry pizza for desser!

Anyway, there's only 5 more days to exams, guess I won't have the time to blog already. And I won't have material to blog about too 'cause I'd be a hardcore mugger (hopefully)!! ^.^

So I guess there'll only be better quality posts after 3 May!!

Don't miss me!!!

& Those with exams: MUGSTRONG!!!! ;)

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