Monday, 2 April 2012

Ribbon favicon!!!!

This is my new favicon!!

In case you don't know what is a favicon, its actually this thingy at the google chrome ad mozilla firefox's tab bar.. For some reason, my internet explorer does not support it, I'm not sure about all yours' though.

Super cute right, double ribbons!!!! :)

I made it myself pixel by pixel!! Not a huge achievement I know, 16x16pixel only, but its so nice! If you're making one, remember to let the picture type be in gif!!

Super happy with myself now, so much for not feeling very well.

Luckily onsugar have this function for me to upload a picture and it'll automatically change the favicon, unlike old blogger which need me to change the html code until blur. (In case people say me: Maybe now blogger don't need already, I don't know, 'cause haven't been using blogger for some time.)

Blah, I know this post is super random, but at least now you know what's a favicon!


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