Thursday, 26 April 2012

This wordy post is just to make myself happy!

I'm seriously in the EXAMS ARE OVER mood, but of course not, 2 more papers to go, 6 more days to freedom. Blah! Was chatting with pam just now, talking about post exams plans, and it led me thinking, that my life is gonna be super awesome after next wednesday wahaha!!!

Firstly, I've already mentioned before, I bought a lot of stuffs online, but now more than the list in my prevous post lol! Opps! :x One of the results of being trapped in pulau NTU to study and the only place I can go to is the internet world... Can't wait for those that haven't arrive to come! So many new things to use, free samples, nail polishes, contact lenses, toys etc haha! I'm gonna blog about most of the stuffs I have when I start using them.. And I'm thinking of doing videos for some stuffs actually, thinking only, seems difficult enough to make a video and edit myself haha.. I know I spent a lot, luckily some of the stuffs are free samples for me hehe, gonna blog more nice posts to earn more money and somehow start up an online store! :D

Second thing I'm really happy about is my post exam activities. Not that many are even planned actually :/ But me haz many pending outings! Wheee! Going out with boyf straight after my last paper!! And then... Actually got quite a few planned ones la! Gonna work for free for one day hehe, as one of my dream job actually, can't wait to try it out! Also, I might be going overseas after all!!! KL and maybe Korea? Hope the dates that others are available will be in my favour hahaha, gonna have a busy special sem thanks to MIE, not that I'm complaining!

Lastly, I typed too much for the first two points and totally forgotten what I want to say here now :(

Goodnight people! It's raining and hope there is no thunder tyvm, the thunders nowadays always sound like earthquake or something!

Sorry for such a long post with not much content lol!

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