Monday, 2 April 2012

time flies.

Don't you think so?

Amazingly discovered that this week is e-learning week and I have practically no lessons.

Decided to take some time to update my organiser which I've been neglecting now and then.

It's April already.................... I know I've pranked so many of you on April Fools', but it didn't really occur to me that the month is here already, till I updated my little book.

Its week 12 already!! Seriously cannot believe it.

And this also means that............. FINALS are coming!!! In like 3 weeks? Ah, the horror. Maybe I should be thankful that mastering communication is project-based and kind of officially over, leaving me with 5 papers. Unwillingly wrote down the exam dates onto my book. My papers start very early and end quite late (span over to may)!! Spaced out but got to wait longer for freedom. Sighs.

Anyway, there may be a new banner for my blog soon, look out for it! Still considering to change my banner or not haha! ;)

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