Monday, 9 April 2012

"The Vow" with boyfeeeee

Yay photo first to get attention lol!

This is probably the only photo of its kind! Boyf wearing his specs hahaha! Don't know why he don't like to wear it, I think he looks not bad in specs lol!

Someone happily picking his candies....

And we watched the vow yesterday (8/4) !!!! Was expecting a super romantic and sweet movie.. Story is...the married couple met with an accident and the wife lost her memory and how the husband tried to make her fall in love with him again. In the end, it is not romantic, not sweet, the guy even gave up on wooing her back, and she never ever regained her memory. Disappointed max :O Would prefer it with a happier ending........ The ending is just the girl met the guy on the street, and hint hint hint, and then I guess they went on to become a new couple..

Okay, maybe its just me and my high expectation thingy again. Everytime when I expect a movie to be very nice, turns out not very nice, or overrated. Should stop having expectations for movies seriously :(

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