Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Duffy Beau + Kimchi mermaid lenses review!

Hello, I'm wearing new lenses from Duffy Beau! :D

I know many people want to buy korean lenses but don't know where to buy from right? You can purchase them from Duffy Beau! Duffy Beau is based in Singapore and 101% trustable and reliable!

Visit her shop at

Duffy Beau carries a wide range of lenses -- Kimchi, I.Fairy, Candy, Geo, Luxury Babe and Barbie lens! You'll surely find a perfect pair for you there!

The waiting time for her lenses are faster than most shops out there, super efficient! Service wise is also excellent, she's like forever contactable one! :D

She holds monthly preorders for all her lenses, so if you wanna get a pair, her next preorder is opening in 1st of June! Faster gooooo buy haha!


Now, I'm gonna share about my new pair of lenses that my lovely sponsor sent me! :)

Introducing kimchi mermaid lenses in purple!

My 2nd 16.2mm lenses! This is my first pair of purple lenses, and I've been eyeing this kimchi mermaid lenses for some time already! The lenses are super pretty, with flecks of blue inside!

Sorry the colors didn't show up so well in my photo, just can't get the photo's color right!! But its really pretty I swear!

When worn...

In brighter light... I know this photo is a little blur, but the blue flecks is showing up so well here! :)

From far, it looks like this!

Comfort: 5/5  - comfy comfy! :D

Enlarging effect: 4.5/5 - Its 16mm but feels a teeny bit smaller than the 16mm Ms Hermes lenses..

Design: 3.5/5 - I super love the design when I was looking through the catalouge!! However, I've expected a little more from it when worn..

Color: 3/5 - Color is not very obvious though!


Don't wait anymore, get your pair of color lenses at!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Introducing The Skin Shop! + make up tutorial

Can't believe I'm doing this, you can see my bare face below just for The Skin Shop!

The Skin Shop is a makeup and skincare brand from Korea! They're new in Singapore!

Look at what they've sent me! Their Magic Bright BB Cream as well as Magic Science Mineral Pact!

Their packaging is awesome! Pretty pink and purple! The boxes are glossy and the pump bottle and pact itself have small glitter bits inside!

Pump bottles are great, easy to control the amount dispensed and very hygenic, unlike tubes and jars; their powder pact is not the usual flip up type, but you have to twist the top slightly before opening it, plus the sponge and powder pact is separated to prevent the sponge from taking too much powder even when not in use! Super exquisite!

Magic Bright BB Cream
-wrinkle alleviation
-ultraviolet rays blocking (SPF30 PA++)
-anti-pollution brightening

Magic Science Mineral Pact
-sebum control
-pearl powder to brighten the skin
-natural looking
You can see me putting on the BB cream and compact here, plus some fast forward simple makeup steps!


Before & After, let the picture explains itself! Zero makeup and photoshop!

I've been using this product for a week and so far, it has been working well for me! My skin did not dry up or have any breakouts. The oil control also worked quite well, my skin doesn't feel oily at the end of the day! The coverage is good, yet not too thick :) The bb cream gives a dewy look and the mineral pact gives a matt look, they can be used together or separately!

Thank you to TSS for sending me these goodies! :D


You can purchase the above from !

Also, do like their facebook page at !

Their first shop will be opening at PARCO Millenia Walk on 1st June! Do visit them! I'll definitely drop by if I have the time! :D

Thursday, 24 May 2012

pic-bits #4

Sorry for the mad amount of ads on my blog lately! But I'm kind of happy I'm doing something useful while blogging, other than just ranting as per normal..

My life is not interesting at all the past 2 weeks I must say! MIE MIE MIE! Everyday 9 to 5 listening to boring lessons and then project after lessons! So I kinda have no life at all? The good thing is that my group is way more awesome than I imagined on the first day.

Hello kitty is back to macs! (I'm not a kitty fan actually.) I knew this before they were even launched but I just remembered it again these few days! I ate macs on Wednesday(23rd) night but the staff refused to sell me this grimace kitty that's supposed to be launched on the 24th, so I had to eat macs two days in a row to buy my grimace kitty! It's so cuteeeee with a hood! :D KIASU, cute one got to buy 2 of them! :D

New lenses that I'll open and blog about soon! Wooho I'm like opening so many pairs of lenses recently, even though one pair can last me for a year~

The Skin Shop items! BB cream and BB pact! It has been quite some time that  I've got new make up! :)

Marche with the boyfriend last week. Awesome chicken savoury crepe, a super generous portion, and my favourite apple tea! :D

Prawn pizza that we shouldn't have ordered, the crepe's portion is so big already!

Okay, time to get back to project now! Sorry for this short and random post!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bits and Trinkets! :)

Yay, today I'm going to introduce you all a shop that sells accessories at really low prices!!!!

As low as $1+, can you believe it?

My new ring from Bits and Trinkets! The ring is so pretty

The webbie is ! I'm sure you won't regret clicking on this link :)

They have preorders and instocks for accessories, and of course, there are more choices for preorders! The first time I clicked onto the Preorders tab, I was like WAAAAA. Really many many pretty and low-priced rings!!!

I think I wanna order these rings for myself! Especially the ribbon one, I love it! :D

And yes, they sent me these rings! The white pearl with hearts one you've seen above, and a fox ring! These 2 rings are really vintage-y!

Me and the fox ring! :D

Shop with them now! :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

High On Kisses + giveaway!

Aikiko from HighOnKisses sent me 2 pieces of clothings for an advertorial + a giveaway! *excited*

Clue: The giveaway is leopard preeeenz!

HighOnKisses sells fashion apparels and holds preorders for totes! :)

Cute totes, go to her site to see more designs!

Their first collection is up! Small collection but all pretty pieces, I had difficulty choosing one for myself!

This Tribal Knitted Dress/Top has only one piece left! Its not my style but I like it too!

This reminds me of santa! So cute!! :)

I picked this simple piece for myself! Love it!!<3

Simple basic schoolgirl top for everyday wear!

Lastly, they have this leopard skater dress/top! Leopard prints+skater dress+open circle back! The material for this piece is really great! It feels smooth and silky on the outside, plus there is an inner cotton lining on the inside, super comfy to wear I swear! I know Aikiko also kept this piece for herself :)


And yes!! This is the item for giveaway! Nice right?

2 ways to participate in this giveaway...


Follow me (@eijgniy) as well as HighOnKisses (@HighOnKisses) on twitter.

Tweet (copy and paste): "Leopard print skater dress giveaway on @eijgniy 's blog from @HighOnKisses ! Join now! :D"


Like HighOnKisses's FB page, and share this blog post ( on your timeline!

Email me a screenshot of your FB profile after you're done at with the title: "GIVEAWAY"

You can do both twitter and FB to get double chance! :)

Entries that did not follow my instructions will be disqualified.

Giveaway will end in 2 weeks on 5th June! I'll contact the winner through her FB or twitter respectively.

Good luck! :D

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cute flashdrives from Baby Durian!

Yay, I received the stitch flashdrive that Baby Durian sent me!

Its too cute already!!! :) Mine is called Shy Stitch!

Nowadays, a flashdrive is an essential device that many people will need, along with the use of computers and laptops.Instead of carrying ugly rectangular ones, why no make your life more interesting with cute ones? I still remember going to the trouble of blinging my flashdrive and my boyf's!

Now, if you want good looking flashdrives, you can simply get them from baby durian! They have name cute designs available, I had a hard time choosing! Here are some of the other designs which I was considering! They have man-lier designs too (in case you are a guy and wondering why all the designs so girly), do check them out at their website!

Their pricing is really reasonable, and they are prompt in replying emails and sending out items. I received my stitch flashdrive the day after they said they'll send me one!

Each flashdrive comes with a free handphone strap and pouch! Baby durian also made it a point to wrap the flashdrive up carefully with bubblewrap before mailing it out! The free handphone strap and pouch also made the flashdrives a good gift idea! No need for additional gift wrapping, and the gift itself is cute and practical! :D


Visit Baby Durian now! :D

Also, like their facebook page to receive updates!

Quote "YINGJIE" to receive a special gift when you shop with them! :)

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Ms Hermes in pink from The Prodigurls series!

Fynale sent me a pair of lenses from their new The Prodigurls series!

This new series consists of 14 uniquely designed lenses, all named after big brands like Prada, Gucci, LV, Guess, Hermes and more! The names just make them sound so interesting! Happy to get a pair to review :)

Diameter: 16mm
Water content: 42%
Base Curve: 8.60

I chose Ms Hermes in pink! The lenses have just entered the market, so some special designs are only plano, and I have very little choices :O The first pair of lenses which I chose don't have my degree, that's their only bad point!


In the glass bottle, so mini and cute! :D

How the lenses look like!

This is my first pair of pink lenses.. I don't know why but like most girls, I have special feelings for my first pair of pink lenses :3

Close ups! Flash, bright lighting, dim lighting!

comfy: 5/5

enlarging: 5/5 - Its 16mm!! I've never worn 16mm lenses before, my first pair!

design: 3.5/5 - design is a little simple, but this design makes my eyeballs look like they are naturally pink due to a bigger surface area being colored. This kind of design will really depend on one's personal preference.

color: 4/5 - Tends to look purple sometimes, but pink + dark base = purple can be understood.


Shall share some other series with unique designs that you can't get anywhere else...


You can view more lens design here: !


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Thanks so much! :)