Friday, 11 May 2012

3rd monthsary! ♥

Sorry people I haven't been blogging for days, been busy and away for OBS! Now many posts will be coming your way!

Guess who are they? :) Tell ya later hehe~

After my manicure appointment yesterday, we decided to randomly head down to tiong bahru for lunch as we haven't been there together before!

Had a great lunch at eighteen chefs! Not pricey yet yummy and filling!

Had cheese baked main courses!

Someone super excited to eat his food!



All the cheesy stuffs!!!!

This is double cheese fries, meaning fries baked with 2 kinds of cheese! Super yummy and sinful!

This is my baked cheesy paste with cream sauce and mushroom!

William's Baked cheesy rice with japanese curry and saussage!

Waffle and ice cream for dessert! :D

See I dilligently put butter and syrup into every hole haha!

The boy plunging into the waffle!

Happy again~

Remember the first picture at the top? Here are they again! We got them for prize stage, spent a total of $20+ on them, super happy and worth it! :D We got tips from the staff on how to catch them!

His new babies lol


Happy family hehe! :D This is my  new facebook dp anyway! Super love it! ♥

We watched 21 jump street after that, any how choose the movie, turned out very funny haha! :D


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