Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bits and Trinkets! :)

Yay, today I'm going to introduce you all a shop that sells accessories at really low prices!!!!

As low as $1+, can you believe it?

My new ring from Bits and Trinkets! The ring is so pretty

The webbie is ! I'm sure you won't regret clicking on this link :)

They have preorders and instocks for accessories, and of course, there are more choices for preorders! The first time I clicked onto the Preorders tab, I was like WAAAAA. Really many many pretty and low-priced rings!!!

I think I wanna order these rings for myself! Especially the ribbon one, I love it! :D

And yes, they sent me these rings! The white pearl with hearts one you've seen above, and a fox ring! These 2 rings are really vintage-y!

Me and the fox ring! :D

Shop with them now! :)

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