Friday, 4 May 2012

China glaze swatches

I woke up with a swollen upper eyelid this morning, so I didn't go to help out as a makeup crew at the event in the end :(  Blah, there goes my chance of being a makeup artist!

So now I have one whole free day at home, and I'm gonna try my china glaze polishes that I bought some time ago before exams! :)

Actually 2 of the bottle are glitter and I really don't know how to capture their photo properly, so kind of failed :( Did them on an OPI blue base (Dating a Royal) below so that the glitter is more visible.. Stupid me left my black polish in hall :(

Colors are from L to R: white out, snowglobe, fairy dust, dress me up

Got a white because white polishes are just super difficult to use, yet essential in many nail art designs, and I thought I should invest on a more expensive white polish! Dress me up on the far right became my favourite polish color! Its super pretty, cream rose nude brown, super love it!! Its that kind  color that suits all occasions! :) As for the 2 glitter polishes, I really fail at capturing their images~

This is the best shot of them already! On the left, snow globe is a multi colored opalescent 1mm diameter glitter polish that reflects light in many colours; and on the right, fairy dust is just one big bottle of micro glitters that can be added on top of any polish! Love them both! The photots really don't do them justice!

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