Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cute flashdrives from Baby Durian!

Yay, I received the stitch flashdrive that Baby Durian sent me!

Its too cute already!!! :) Mine is called Shy Stitch!

Nowadays, a flashdrive is an essential device that many people will need, along with the use of computers and laptops.Instead of carrying ugly rectangular ones, why no make your life more interesting with cute ones? I still remember going to the trouble of blinging my flashdrive and my boyf's!

Now, if you want good looking flashdrives, you can simply get them from baby durian! They have name cute designs available, I had a hard time choosing! Here are some of the other designs which I was considering! They have man-lier designs too (in case you are a guy and wondering why all the designs so girly), do check them out at their website!

Their pricing is really reasonable, and they are prompt in replying emails and sending out items. I received my stitch flashdrive the day after they said they'll send me one!

Each flashdrive comes with a free handphone strap and pouch! Baby durian also made it a point to wrap the flashdrive up carefully with bubblewrap before mailing it out! The free handphone strap and pouch also made the flashdrives a good gift idea! No need for additional gift wrapping, and the gift itself is cute and practical! :D


Visit Baby Durian now! :D

Also, like their facebook page to receive updates!

Quote "YINGJIE" to receive a special gift when you shop with them! :)

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