Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Duffy Beau + Kimchi mermaid lenses review!

Hello, I'm wearing new lenses from Duffy Beau! :D

I know many people want to buy korean lenses but don't know where to buy from right? You can purchase them from Duffy Beau! Duffy Beau is based in Singapore and 101% trustable and reliable!

Visit her shop at

Duffy Beau carries a wide range of lenses -- Kimchi, I.Fairy, Candy, Geo, Luxury Babe and Barbie lens! You'll surely find a perfect pair for you there!

The waiting time for her lenses are faster than most shops out there, super efficient! Service wise is also excellent, she's like forever contactable one! :D

She holds monthly preorders for all her lenses, so if you wanna get a pair, her next preorder is opening in 1st of June! Faster gooooo buy haha!


Now, I'm gonna share about my new pair of lenses that my lovely sponsor sent me! :)

Introducing kimchi mermaid lenses in purple!

My 2nd 16.2mm lenses! This is my first pair of purple lenses, and I've been eyeing this kimchi mermaid lenses for some time already! The lenses are super pretty, with flecks of blue inside!

Sorry the colors didn't show up so well in my photo, just can't get the photo's color right!! But its really pretty I swear!

When worn...

In brighter light... I know this photo is a little blur, but the blue flecks is showing up so well here! :)

From far, it looks like this!

Comfort: 5/5  - comfy comfy! :D

Enlarging effect: 4.5/5 - Its 16mm but feels a teeny bit smaller than the 16mm Ms Hermes lenses..

Design: 3.5/5 - I super love the design when I was looking through the catalouge!! However, I've expected a little more from it when worn..

Color: 3/5 - Color is not very obvious though!


Don't wait anymore, get your pair of color lenses at!

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