Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Geo nudy grey lenses review! :)

Yay, opened a new pair of lenses and have been wearing them for a few weeks already!

This time round,  tried the classic geo nudy series that geo medical have been selling for very long time already! :)

In their original packaging~

Opened them out to soak them in normal solution for a while first before wearing! The lenses look a little similar to freshkon colour fusion sparklers series!

Look, me hax sexy smoky grey eyes now! :3 (normal lighting!)

Its 14.2mm, with a thin black limbal rim which is just right unlike the angel series! It also has a black ring around the pupils to make it more natural looking! :) This pair looks very pretty when worn! Super natural, and can do without make up, good for school hehe! It costed me less than $20, and can be worn for up to a year! What a good deal!

This nudy series actually have a special halo effect if you do not already know! This means that even if your eyes are are too small for the lenses (which is really rare) or when you move your eyeballs and the lenses are not in place, you won't look weird, but the effect is super pretty instead! For my photo, my eyes looked like they have a grey halo in them, see the side nearer to the inner corners of my eyes..

(Bright lighting!)

*both photos show my eyes okay, just that I took them on different days with different falsies on!


Comfort: 5/5  - super comfy!

Enlarging effect: 2/5 - 14.2mm only, but this diameter is the maximum you can go if you wanna look okay even without makeup on anyway.

Design: 5/5 - natural yet visible + halo effect. Makes my eyes look super shiny. No wonder this design have been selling for soooo long!

Color: 3/5 - not very obvious under normal lighting!


I have a few more lenses waiting to be opened! Look out for more lens reviews!

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