Sunday, 6 May 2012

Ippudo & coldstone with boyf!

Yay today is a happy day! The only bad thing was that I look horrible in photos!!! :( So no camwhore shots today!!! :( All thanks to my screwed fringe and swollen eye and me plucking off my falsies! :(

Went to the Mandarin Gallery branch, first time having ippudo! :D Was afraid that we had to queue, so we had dinner at 4-ish LOL!

We act zen, order hot green tea to drink haha! But quite nice to drink after having a big bowl of flavorful ramen!

Design on the wall~

This is shiromaru tamago($17++)! The more classic one!

This is akamaru tamago($18++)! This is is much more flavorful and oily, might get a little sick of it near the end!

Hehehe cute!

Meeeeee, actually we ended up swopping bowls haha!

Happy boy with his food!

Ahhhh ippudo is super nice! The serving is quite big too,  almost can't finish my bowl.. Although I got sick of akamaru tamago near the end, I feel like eating it again now, too fast.. W finished his food really really quickly, means his is super nice too haha!

We both only ordered tamago(egg) add on, you can add on other types of pork, etc.. The tamago is yums!!! Its the type where the egg white is solid white the yolk is semi flowy still!!!!! ~.~ The pork they served with the noodle is really yums too, soft and nice and no weird or smelly taste! I hate normal cha siew and those served in ajisen's ramen, but I swear ippudo's is like mad nice and I love it!

After dinner we walked around and went to coldstone for ice cream!!!! :)

We ate Birthday cake remix! Its some cookie dough icecream with brownie, rainbow rice, and caramel & choc fudge mix in I think! Super nice :D Think I wanna try the oreo one next time!

Anyway, we did shop around today, H&M, topshop, editor's market and F21. Didn't buy much but I'm super happy with the few things I've gotten!

Used my H&M voucher from GC that I mentioned abou previously!

And I bought this! Topped up some money of course, super love this romper!! Cute ttm, so colorful haha!

Cute bows that I bought randomly!!! Love them! ^^

Lastly, I collected my geo lenses today! Ahhh finally new lenses again! :) Can't wait to wear them!

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