Thursday, 17 May 2012

Making my own gummies! :)

I received a package from Candy Play last week!

You must be thinking, "what is that?"

This package is called Gummyland, from a japanese company, Kracie, that produces popin cookin!

With this kit, we can actually DIY our gummies with the stencils provided, sounds so fun!!! Can't wait to try it! :3

I've made a video of me making the gummies, most of my gummies failed because I'm just clumsy, but I had great fun! :) If you notice a change in the appearance of my hands midway, that's my boyfriend making the gummies haha! He was with me the whole time helping me video the process! I'm feeling very insecure about my own video, and editing is really dificult! I know the video is not very well done, but its my first one ya~



Here are the pictorial snap shot guides from the video for making your own gummies!

1) Open the package! These are what you will find inside.. (You might also need a pair of scissors and some water)

2) Prepare all the items! Cut out all the stencils; put the biggest packet of powder into the big rectangle space; fill up the 4 small rectangles with water up to the line and pour the 3 packets of powder  the separate rectangles; mix them well; create new colors by mixing the 3 primary colours!

3) Now, we can start making the gummies! Even out the white powder and press a stencil onto the powder tightly.

4) Drop by drop, color your gummy using the dropper with any colour of your choice. (NOTE: do not flood the stencil!)

5) Wait for a minute or two, then slowly lift the stencil out of the powder and you will get your gummy! :)

Basically, I made few decent gummies haha! Most of the nice ones are made by boyf, not me :( Here are some of the gummies left, I uncontrollably ate some when they're fresh hehe..

They taste good, really have the flavor :D

This DIY kit is really really fun! Although I'm bad at it, I really had fun! :) Its just so cool to be able to make your own sweets right! I believe everyone has eaten gummies before but how many people knows how to make them?


Fun: 10/10

Easy to make: 4/10


If you want to make your own gummies, you can get this DIY kit from CANDY PLAY! They sell many more kinds of popin cookin, you can go to their website to take a look!

Also, their staff are really friendly and prompt in replying emails! :)



Anyway, Candy Play IS TURNING ONE!
Do drop by their birthday bash at scape's flea market on the 19th May!
There'll be lucky dips and free cupcakes ^^
More info of their birthday bash here!

For  more updates, do follow them on twitter and like their facebook page!

Twitter | Facebook


I'll be coming up with at least 2 more posts about popin cookin soon, do look out for them!

Hope you enjoyed this post and have as much fun as I had!


I spent a lot a lot of time doing up this post and video, and its finally done! *breathes*

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