Monday, 14 May 2012

Mother's Day Foodies

As everybody know, the past sunday was mother's day! I had like 3 mother's day meals! Be prepared to be overwhelmed by food photos! I posted smaller photos in this post, click on the gallery to see full sized ones!

First meal was with gramps, at some zi char place at bedok reservoir area! The spread was not bad, and the price is really cheap, we had like 2 crabs, one fish, veggie, oyster egg and some poached meat (I think)!

Second meal was actually cooked/made by me and my sister with the help from mummy and daddy lol. We intended to make brunch but in the end mum woke up early so no more surprise for her! Made pancakes plus homemade strawberry jam and fresh button mushroom toppings! I decided that it was a success although the jam was too thick! The mushroom was super yums!!! Surprised at how it turned out to be! Photos to do the talking, not exactly presentable, but its our first try!

Third meal was at ippudo with my mum, dad and sis :) After eating with boyf the week before, I decided to bring my family there. I kind of made their expectations too high though, although they still agree its quite nice :O The salmon was super yummy also, and $15++ only!!! Their food is really good, hmmmm. We also tried their drinks/spicy wings/yuzu sherbet! The spicy wings is really spicy after you've eaten it! The yuzu sherbet is kind of like orange sherbet, the taste is kind of unique! Drinks wise are so-so~

Lastly, it was a random decision to get macaroons from Antoinette from another level in Mandarin Gallery. Flavors from L to R are pistachio, caramel and sesame! I had the caramel one, and it was really sweet, love it!! Anyway, all 3 of us thinks that our macroon is the yummiest LOL, so no conclusion. I think caramel is the best!



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