Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My OBS nightmare

Be prepared for a super wordy post!

I mentioned that I had been to OBS in the past week!


Okay, I'm kind of an embarassment ot DHS girl guides here lol.

Did I mention that I hate camps before? Particularly this kind of camp, the outdoors and physically demanding and trekking kind of camp. I know I'm GL for 2 FOCs next academic year, but OBS is another kind of camp altogether. Okay, must give credit too, this is the bestest camp food I ever had for a camp!

If you don't know what is it, it is Outward Bound Singapore, and kind of popular for physically demanding camps lol. We had a briefing and I thought the camp will be less scary than the rumours as the person said that we, being university students, will be having a corporate camp rather than the usual youth camp.. So I went for it with little mental preparation..

Luckily for me, all the 4 people I know were in the same group as me! William, jiayi, annabelle and weikiang. If not I'd just die in the camp seriously! Super duper thankful to be in the same group as them, especially with boyf!!!

I didn't bring enough clothes, the packlist wasn't clear enough, ended up borrowing a long sleeved shirt and rewearing loads of tees. Especially for the trackpants, I wore them for all 3 days, like a disgusting lol!
Day 1: Swam to pulau ubin, some weird strategy game, high elements, character profiling

Day 2: Kayaking crash course, preparation for hike, trekked about 6km with super heavy backpack on super rocky roads, cooked outdoors, slept at some visitor centre with no toilet lights 'cause solar power ran out and this was already a good thing if not we'd be sleeping in tents zzz

Day 3: Trekked the same distance back at 4+am in the dark after being woken up in shock, kayaked round half of pulau ubin and through mangroves for almost 8 hours.

On the first day, 5-10 minutes into the boat ride, we were asked to change into our wet attire and jump into the sea to swim to pulau ubin LOL. I don't know how to estimate the distance, but I was really shocked and amused lol, despite being forewarned by yinchee haha! Thought it was a joke! In the end William got to drag me to the shore lol..

The amount of trekking done in the camp is really horrendous. Quite unprepared, we were only told about the expedition an hour plus before setting off to pack for it.. Got to bring out wet stuffs along, ponchos that are as thick as canvas sheets, a big backpack that weighs as much as the things I put inside, 4L of water, some random food, fresh clothes etc, super duper heavy please,  can't even sling my arms though the straps without help from W -.- Can't imagine how heavy the guys' bags are, with additional food, pots, mess tins, canvas sheets, tents, etc. The bag and ponchos stinks ttm please!! Anyway, tents became redundant, and wet , stuffs too, angry please, the wet stuff are probably the second heaviest compared to the bag!!!! Everyone thought we'd be kayaking back, ended up we got to wake up early in the morning the next day to trek back and kayak from the original campsite.

Kayaking was manageable, luckily I have 1 star lol! The instructor tried to separate W and me, pissed! I refused to budge!!!!!!!!!  Crash course was with W and weikiang, expedition was with W and reuben. Had good kayaking partners, nice people and all not bad at kayaking! Even the 8 hours expedition wasn't as tiring as I thought it would be, the only problem was the sun being mad hot especially near the end and the sea water that kept getting into my eyes and blurred my specs. It was damn cool to kayak through the mangrove, first time ever! Kept getting stuck in the mud during low tide lol, and there were fishes jumping around, too scary -.-

Now that I'm back, with sunburn on my scalp and face, black wrists and loads of different kinds of itchy patches on my legs, my phobia of camps have increase by 3 levels! -.- Really don't understand the need for such a physically challenging camp upon taking MIE :(

Glad that the camp ended anyway! And I guess no more such camps for me forever!!!!!!!!!!! I hope, at least. Really glad that W was with me throughout the camp, I don't know I mentioned this how many times already.

Sorry for this wordy post!

Lastly, a random photo with my groupmates at the end of the camp! I look like crap in all the camp photos, what a disgrace!


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