Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pastel gradient nails!

First manicure session after exams! :D

Having been doing this set of nails since like after dinner, because this design requires multiple layering and take loads of time to dry! Super love them now!

Gonna do a step by step picture guide below :D

What I used: Seche clear base coat, OPI Sweet memories, OPI Rumple's Wiggin', The face shop BL602, China Glaze Fairy dust and Seche Vite top coat.

1) After base coat, apply a thin layer of pink polish on the whole nail.

2) Apply purple polish on two-third of the nail.

3) Apply pink polish over the bottom one-third of the nail again to blend better.

4) Apply blue polish to top one-third of the nail.

5) Apply purple polish to the middle section of the nail again to blend well.

6) Apply blue polish over the top of the nail again. (I need this step because the face shop's polish is not very good. If you are using better polishes I guess you can skip this step!)

7) Apply a coat of glitter polish to further improve on the blended look, and end off with a top coat! :)


First happy with my first try at gradient manicure! :)

Gonna sleep now, goodnights!

Hope that my eye will get better soon, I wanna take photos tomorrow one!!! :(

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