Thursday, 24 May 2012

pic-bits #4

Sorry for the mad amount of ads on my blog lately! But I'm kind of happy I'm doing something useful while blogging, other than just ranting as per normal..

My life is not interesting at all the past 2 weeks I must say! MIE MIE MIE! Everyday 9 to 5 listening to boring lessons and then project after lessons! So I kinda have no life at all? The good thing is that my group is way more awesome than I imagined on the first day.

Hello kitty is back to macs! (I'm not a kitty fan actually.) I knew this before they were even launched but I just remembered it again these few days! I ate macs on Wednesday(23rd) night but the staff refused to sell me this grimace kitty that's supposed to be launched on the 24th, so I had to eat macs two days in a row to buy my grimace kitty! It's so cuteeeee with a hood! :D KIASU, cute one got to buy 2 of them! :D

New lenses that I'll open and blog about soon! Wooho I'm like opening so many pairs of lenses recently, even though one pair can last me for a year~

The Skin Shop items! BB cream and BB pact! It has been quite some time that  I've got new make up! :)

Marche with the boyfriend last week. Awesome chicken savoury crepe, a super generous portion, and my favourite apple tea! :D

Prawn pizza that we shouldn't have ordered, the crepe's portion is so big already!

Okay, time to get back to project now! Sorry for this short and random post!

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