Saturday, 12 May 2012

princess outing 2 (super overdue post and super overdue celebration)

Sometime last week, met up with the princesses+sunny! :) We celebrated Eason's belated birthday and booked our overseas trip! Full attendance that day! Booked everyone like 1-2 weeks in advance~

Had our meal at astons near golden mile complex where we booked our tour..

We didn't plan to eat there originally, don't know who was hungry while looking at tour packages halfway so we just ate nearby.. Hence we got him a random cheesecake from a random shop! Then, astons don't have any candles so I decided to use my french fries for his candles lol! 2 long ones and 2 short ones, the birthday princess was quite disgusted at me LOL. Cheryl even added chilli sauce for the flames haha!

Him with his bestie lol!

More photos of the birthday princess!

Him and his presents!

We actually met up prior to meeting eason and sunny to make the presents! We too sweet already seriously! Hehe. But I left my house 40minutes later than the meeting time and I was the second to reach, think we are a bit scary lol! The tumbler paper we designed quite nice leh! See!! If wanna see bigger photos please process to the gallery :D

Super happy to say we've confirmed and booked our trip to KL! Looking forward to it!!!!! But its a long long time later lah haha ^^

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