Friday, 4 May 2012

Wednesday and Friday


My last paper ended. Went a few places to do some stuffs with boyfriend, and went home to collect some items also! Quite some items in the mail for me ^^ Tried out somehing new at night which I will blog about another day, and we made a video, a bit fail lol. Don't expect much, there won't be any humans inside, and most of you probably won't be interested in what we're doing.. Its just hands and non-living things and maybe my weird voice along the way! Gonna spend some time editing it!

I went down to gushcloud's office to collect my items that day too! :) Another biore marshmallow whip for me and H&M voucher! Excited!!! Gonna go H&M to shop soon!


We went to explore jcube before meeting his friends for dinner at the cathay! We set off quite late, as usual lol.. Jcube was a major disappointment! :( Nothing nice to shop there, and the structure of the shopping centre kind of irritates me, weird shape and stuff.. The only cool thing was that I saw my sponsor's product selling at toy outpost! Remember to look out for another advertorial soon! :) It will be interesting I promise, and hopefully interesting for the guys too! Finally sat down at the viewing gallery of the ice skating rink to rest and I took out my camera and started snapping! After the camwhoring-cum-resting session, we left Jcube and randomly went to cut hair. Now boyf have super cool hair while I have a super screwed fringe, credits to the same hairdresser lol :( Dinner was at astons with his friends, super long queue and we had to sit outside, it was kind of dark and I feel asleep right there after my meal.

Some random icecream that we bought lol, I don't even remember the shop's name actually, just wanted to camwhore with an icecream :X

Guess what W told me after this photo was taken? "Yay your face bigger than mine!" Hahaha!!!


Signing off now! Tomorrow shall be a long day and hope I earn karma as I do the thing I love! :)

Work kind of piling up, Y U SO BUSY YINGJIE?

Looking forward to sunday!! :)


Btw, if you haven't check out my previous advertorial, visit wallfleur now! My floral asymmetrical skirt is OOS already!! Saw someone wearing their vintage print top outside today, and I feel like getting it too, looks super nice in real life I swear!!!!

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