Friday, 29 June 2012

Geo princess mimi in bambi apple green! + Duffy Beau giveaway!

Time for my monthly lens review from duffy beau! Green lens for today, first time wearing green lenses! :)

Oh ya, today's post will have quite some camwhore shots again! Plus 100% no editing haha, my makeup today is too powerful muaha..... But my expression is kind of weird in most photos (you can look at my eyes and mouth ya) so yeah..

The lenses in their vials! The code for this pair is WMM-303 and they're 15mm by the way :D

I think many of you would have seen me posting pictures of these vials on facebook/twitter/instagram a few days ago already! I was super excited on seeing them, so pretty!

Never ever thought green lenses would look cute to me like this pair!!! ♥ Saw some website recommending this design so I decided to pick this pair for July..

Basically, the lens design is commonly known as bambi :) Black outer ring, green design, and yellowish brown inner ring! This design is really awesome, I might want to get all colors for the bambi design~

Green eyes now! I don't know why, its green but really really very natural! Haha, I know, its very random to have a camwhore shot in between, next will be close ups of my eyes!

Top is close up in bright lighting, bottom is actually from a distance away. Don't you agree that it is super natural???

I don't know why my face look really distorted here haha, maybe the angle, but look at my eyes! Really mad love this pair! Somemore I feel that the yellow inner ring actually looks a bit like I have a ring light or something haha!

Comfort: 5/5 - you can really trust geo lens :) as long as they're authentic....

Enlarging: 4/5 - after getting used to 16.2mm lenses 15mm seems normal sized.. But still pleasantly enlarging!

Design: 5/5 - I mentioned above right? I think I wanna get every color of this bambi design hehe!

Color: 5/5 - Green and yellowish brown shows up very well even on my black eyes!

My new favourite pair! Pardon my weird expression ya, just look at my green eyeballs! :D


Don't be jealous of my eyes, I have good news to share!

Duffy Beau is having a crazy promotion for all her lenses this July! Up to $3 off per pair of lenses, and if you buy more, you can either get a cheaper price or an extra pair of lenses! Super worth it!! Do remember to place your orders with her before 10 July. You can do so through private messaging on facebook!

Also, apart from the discounts, she's holding a giveaway with 3 grand prizes, each prize is a set of lenses+casing+solution! Every pair of lenses purchased will entitle you to one chance in her giveaway lucky draw, so buy more and increase your chances! :)

This is the grand prize, and if you want to know what the other prizes are, check them out at her facebook now!!!!!


To reward myself for sharing this information with you guys, one more photo haha!


Anyway, don't need to scroll up to click on the link above!


See I so thoughtful right? :D

Monday, 25 June 2012

My June's Bellabox!

Always wanted to try out Bellabox and was super glad to be sponsored June's Bellabox!

Was super excited, I opened it once I got home! :D

If you're wondering what bellabox is, check out their site here!

Basically, at S$19.95 per month,you will receive a box filled with at least 5 beauty goodies monthly! Yes, skincare, makeup, nail polishes, perfumes~~~ This is a very interesting concept and super suitable for girls like me who love to try out new stuffs! Monthly supplies of random goodies (high end ones somemore) coming in your mail in a pretty box, how nice! :) You can get bellabox for a one-off thingy, a year's subscription or even mailing to your friend/mum/sis as a gift!

Yes I'll stop blabbering and show you what's inside! After opening the box, I get a pink envelop filled with discount vouchers for the brands that are included in the Bellabox. There is also one card listing out all the product in June's Bellabox.. And lastly, all the babies wrapped in pink crepe paper!!

And I think I'm too lucky already!! June's bellabox have 8 items compared to the usual 5 items!! Lucky or not???? :D

Containing....  Lancome, Biotherm, Kiehl's, Shu Uemura and Ralph Lauren! And all very popular one right? *Happy*

This biotherm BB cream is really different from the other BB creams that I've tried before! It is fluid and not creamy when I spread it on my face, and it dries matt, yes really matt. Those BB creams that have promised matt finishes was never matt before :(

And this Ralph Lauren fragrance, its the bombxz!! Super nice smelling!!

Woohoo Lancome stuffs.. Me like!

And I stopped camwhoring with the items, a bit too much huh? :X

Just super happy with my items in this June's fully packed Bellabox!

You can order July's one from them if interested, at

Wonder what's in July's box....

Thursday, 21 June 2012

pic-bits #7

Hahaha I really have loads of photos of food! Make everyone hungry muahaha!

Following are some food that me and boyf had at a HK cafe, Kungfu Paradise, after my dip dye session at bugis+/illuma!

Thick and sweet milk tea! :D

Har Kau, prawn dim sum ^^

Some salted egg custard bun!

Whooooo all the yellow yellow juice!

Chicken+prawn curry rice!


Next up is photos of food from Bentendo cafe with boyf at jurong point! And we watched madagascar after that!

Soup + bread!! :D

Our drinks.. Sour plum and calamsi..

Boyf's terriyaki chicken curry rice!

My soup version of carbonara! LOL

Madagascar 3! Nice leh haha! Still got leopard and rainbow afro and polkadots LOL!! I LIKE! Boyf was smiling non-stop after watching and kept singing "Afro circus afro circus polkadot polkadot!" Haha so cute!

One of the cheese chicken chop from extension's coffeeshop! But can't taste the cheese at all, bwah! :(

My super chio vintage floral nails that I bragged on twitter about!! I took the photo before cleaning up so ya haha not very neat, but very pretty, especially from afar hahaha!! Now anyone wanna visit my manicure shop?

Muaha sorry for random photo spam again, don't get too hungry! :D

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

pic-bits #6

Yay MIE is partially over!! Left 1 more report to go, and another module!!! Finished the last paper this morning, gonna update some photos now before I go to bed!

Next, I've got to focus on work and camp preparations! Many blog posts due soon plus camp dates are nearing, really busy! I'm kind of amused at how different things always choose to happen on the same day, make my life difficult only! :(

See the rilakkuma items my sister and her friend preordered for me! :D Super loves! The bunny hoodie pencil case and contact lens casings all so cute!!!!!! *should have bought more!*

Guess what came in the mail? Jelly nots, I got bellabox!!! Will blog about it soon! So much goodies inside!

KFC feast me and boyf had after the last presentation last week!!

Followed by durian feast! This was totally unplanned for, we walked past the fruit store and randomly decided to buy durians lol! Anyway its June now, durian season, can buy more durians, yummy!

Some random sticky cookie that roomie's friend gave me, a bit too sticky though :/ But looks super yums, the picture!

Our moderately healthy exam package! Wanted to get chips but someone coughing :(

Oh, I wanna rant about this again! It was Sunday in school, so I thought I should buy Macs takeaway before it closes at 8pm.. Sure hungry while studying one ma.. When I wanted to take my fries to eat first, I discovered this.............

Mchicken pattie only!?!?!?! I ordered mchicken plain, the person got it totally wrong!!! :( Its just a huge nugget wrapped with mchicken paper.. I was so upset! And at that time macdonalds closed already.. Cannot go back ask for my bread :( Boyf kept laughing at my "nugget"!!!

Lastly, I kind of cannot believe this is my new hair color haha! Like "omg did I really dye my hair??" And everywhere I walk, I die die have to look at my reflection.. Now I think everyone can recognise me from my backview!! ^^

Hehe I shall go to bed now! More posts coming up, advertorials/reviews and personal food posts, so stay tuned! :D

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dip dye hair by Vintage Studio! :D

Contemplated for a loooong time and finally decided to do my virgin hair dye! :D Many who know me will know that I'm super scared to dye my hair in case my hair gets damaged or the color doesn't suit me! Yes, I had black black hair for the past 20 years...

Sneak peek of my new hair! Super love! They really did an awesome job! (Sorry I don't usually comb my hair so the photo on the left kind of messy lol)

I did my research on many saloons as well as hairstyles/colors, and finally decided to do dip dye hair with Vintage Studio! I was like, first time dying my hair, must die die find a reliable and good saloon to do my hair!!!! Anyway, dip dye aka ombre hair is kind of like a newer hair trend, plus I thought I won't have to do touch up color so this is for me :D

So I called to book an appointment and came down to their newly opened bugis+ branch. (In case you don't know, bugis+ is actually the rennovated iluma!) I'm gonna spam photos of their pretty vintage-y interior below! Everything follows the theme, even the wallpaper!

I must say their service is great! Once me and my boyf entered, they ushered us to sit down and offered a "menu" of hot drinks to choose from! Haha, so cute.. Even boyf who didn't do his hair got a drink too :D Also, throughout the whole time, they were very friendly and chatty!


Briefly told them what I wanted to do with my hair and showed a picture for reference. Apparently, for the color I chose, I have to bleach my hair.. So they did things step by step, updating me about what they're doing at each point of time, and checking with me if the color is okay~ Super professional! All in all, my hair was bleached twice before adding in ash blonde color.

Bleaching in progress!

Haha, my yellow yellow hair after bleaching!

Color of my hair after bleaching twice~

They spammed me with many many nice magazines in case I was bored!

Another thing I liked about them is their washing area! It has a more private feel, not beside another washing area. Other saloons' washing area is very "open", makes me feel weird lying there, and especially when there is someone beside you gettin their hair washed, its like awkward max!

After adding color to my hair, I was lying here for sometime peacefully soaking up treatment or something hehe :3

And the color is done!

Less yellow and more ashy now!! :D I like!

They were super concerned, kept asking me if I like the color! They tonged my hair for me super nicely after trimming my hair, and kept saying they wanna give boyf a surprise when he sees me lol!

Can really see a lot of effort from the tonging :') My hair looks like I can attend some super atas dinner or something hehe!

All done :D Super love my new hair, plus the curls! The curls really complement this dye a lot! Make me feel like perming my hair whenever I look at these photos~

This is Seven (yes that's his name lol, I was shocked too), he was my main stylist! :)

(I looked like crap urgh, what's wrong =.=)

Can't stop snapping!

My nice nice boyfriend who waited for 6+hours for me to do my hair, feel so bad! Didn't expect it to be this long! :s

Okay, last photo of me!

Really love how they've transformed my hair! Even after bleaching twice, my hair is not dry at all unlike what everyone told me! Thanks Vintage Studio for making my hair so pretty!!!


Anyone interested in their serivces, please feel free to make an appointment with them! Apart from bugis+, they also have branches in far east plaza and holland village.

Also, you can quote me "Yingjie" for a 20% off!  :D


Yay, shall go off to admire my hair again before I sleep :3