Monday, 4 June 2012

5 movies to watch this June 2012!

Seems like its the time when all the nice movies are coming out again! Don't you love movies? I love them hehe!

The previous nice movie season was during the exam period and I totally missed it! I've chosen a few movies that I wanna watch this June~ *hint hint to boyfriend lol*

In the order of their "Now Showing" dates!

1) Bad Girls starring Ella Chen and Mike He!!! I am no fan of Ella, but Mike He is hot haha!! His shows are always nice, although he seems to be always playing similar roles -- the bad/snobbish guy kind of lead.. And Taiwan shows are nice~~ Although I'm not sure if guys will like this, somemore its in chinese...

2) Snow White & the Huntsman! I missed the Mirror Mirror show due to exams, this one seems a bit similar leh, I want watch! Noticed that the Snow White is Kristen Stewart, the Bella from Twilight's movie lol.. Guess guys will be more okay with this show!

3) Madagascar 3!!!!!! Haha all the cuteness! :) Not sure if I watched the part 1 and 2 actually, think I watched at least one of them? Like the penguins lol, super cute :D

4) The Dictator. I remember watching a thriller of this before some movie, look like the Zohan Show or something! Guess it'll be very funny and urm, porn-y (its M18!)...

5) The Amazing Spiderman! I think this movie's thriller have been showing since like looooong looooooong time ago, its finally coming out! Guess this will be hot-selling! But anyway, one more month of waiting~

Lastly, Men in Black 3 already came out in May, but its quite a good watch, recommending it! :D I've never knew MIB has got to do with aliens till the boy downloaded part one and two for me to watch..

Yay enjoy your holidays and enjoy these nice movies! :)

Still some time before I can enjoy my holidays properly though!

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