Saturday, 2 June 2012

All occupied with MIE

Sorry for the lack of updates! Was really busy, and still busy. Short short post here!

Me haz my own namecard! Pro or not? :p The other people below are some of my project group mates! And look at the leftmost photo! :)

Baaaaah~ This current module is really busy! :( With deadlines for different stuffs daily, me dying already! Project meetings end past midnight daily, luckily boyf is in the same group as me then can go back hall together, if not I don't think I'll dare to walk through NTU alone at night.. Lack of sleep~ No pimples please!!! :( Was just done with some presentation and pitching yesterday, then off to work on the project again. Ahh 3 more days!!!!

I really have no life now. I don't know how long I haven't been out already.. And all the movies I wanna watch not watched yet!!! :( Really no time to even blog, shall rush an advertorial soon!

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