Friday, 29 June 2012

Geo princess mimi in bambi apple green! + Duffy Beau giveaway!

Time for my monthly lens review from duffy beau! Green lens for today, first time wearing green lenses! :)

Oh ya, today's post will have quite some camwhore shots again! Plus 100% no editing haha, my makeup today is too powerful muaha..... But my expression is kind of weird in most photos (you can look at my eyes and mouth ya) so yeah..

The lenses in their vials! The code for this pair is WMM-303 and they're 15mm by the way :D

I think many of you would have seen me posting pictures of these vials on facebook/twitter/instagram a few days ago already! I was super excited on seeing them, so pretty!

Never ever thought green lenses would look cute to me like this pair!!! ♥ Saw some website recommending this design so I decided to pick this pair for July..

Basically, the lens design is commonly known as bambi :) Black outer ring, green design, and yellowish brown inner ring! This design is really awesome, I might want to get all colors for the bambi design~

Green eyes now! I don't know why, its green but really really very natural! Haha, I know, its very random to have a camwhore shot in between, next will be close ups of my eyes!

Top is close up in bright lighting, bottom is actually from a distance away. Don't you agree that it is super natural???

I don't know why my face look really distorted here haha, maybe the angle, but look at my eyes! Really mad love this pair! Somemore I feel that the yellow inner ring actually looks a bit like I have a ring light or something haha!

Comfort: 5/5 - you can really trust geo lens :) as long as they're authentic....

Enlarging: 4/5 - after getting used to 16.2mm lenses 15mm seems normal sized.. But still pleasantly enlarging!

Design: 5/5 - I mentioned above right? I think I wanna get every color of this bambi design hehe!

Color: 5/5 - Green and yellowish brown shows up very well even on my black eyes!

My new favourite pair! Pardon my weird expression ya, just look at my green eyeballs! :D


Don't be jealous of my eyes, I have good news to share!

Duffy Beau is having a crazy promotion for all her lenses this July! Up to $3 off per pair of lenses, and if you buy more, you can either get a cheaper price or an extra pair of lenses! Super worth it!! Do remember to place your orders with her before 10 July. You can do so through private messaging on facebook!

Also, apart from the discounts, she's holding a giveaway with 3 grand prizes, each prize is a set of lenses+casing+solution! Every pair of lenses purchased will entitle you to one chance in her giveaway lucky draw, so buy more and increase your chances! :)

This is the grand prize, and if you want to know what the other prizes are, check them out at her facebook now!!!!!


To reward myself for sharing this information with you guys, one more photo haha!


Anyway, don't need to scroll up to click on the link above!


See I so thoughtful right? :D

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