Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lovemore White Crystal & Platinum mask review!

Yes, its masking time again! Finally another presentation down and I can relax for a short short while!

Today's mask is Lovemore's White Crystal & Platinum mask sponsored by Secretive!!

Excited! I've used lovemore's 2d masks before, but not this 3d series! This series is the Crystal peptide kiss series! Don't you look forward to revitalized skin that has botox effect??? Read on for the properties of this series!

Me can't wait to put it on! :D

Their masks have a honeycomb design!

And yes, its a 3d mask similar to the Sexylook mask that I reviewed last week! Click here for the post

I know I'm repeating myself again, but here it goes... The whole below-chin area is also taken care of apart from the face! There are 2 pairs of ear hooks: from the cheeks and from under the chin. The hooks are really a great invention, apart from the firming effect, they hold the mask in place very well and for those super busy people, you can do the masking without having to lie down!

Okay see my fat fat chubby chubby face here lol! I seriously didn't know my face is this chubby till I saw this photo! Oh no, mask mask please save me!

The mask I used is the white crystal & platinum peptide one, its mainly for double whitening effect and here are its functions!

The packet of mask sheet is soaked in a generous amount of essence, and there is even excess after using the leftover essence in the packet on my boyf's face and neck! Also, after removing the mask, the essence dries up on my face really quickly, so I don't have to deal with a sticky/wet face for too long, good for masking before sleeping! I can really feel my face tightening after removing this mask in 20minutes! I guess the tightening and face-lifting effect is working really well! :D

Yay, pretty photo after masking! :D

You can purchase this lovemore mask from !

Do like their facebook to keep up with latest updates!

Enjoy masking! :D

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