Monday, 25 June 2012

My June's Bellabox!

Always wanted to try out Bellabox and was super glad to be sponsored June's Bellabox!

Was super excited, I opened it once I got home! :D

If you're wondering what bellabox is, check out their site here!

Basically, at S$19.95 per month,you will receive a box filled with at least 5 beauty goodies monthly! Yes, skincare, makeup, nail polishes, perfumes~~~ This is a very interesting concept and super suitable for girls like me who love to try out new stuffs! Monthly supplies of random goodies (high end ones somemore) coming in your mail in a pretty box, how nice! :) You can get bellabox for a one-off thingy, a year's subscription or even mailing to your friend/mum/sis as a gift!

Yes I'll stop blabbering and show you what's inside! After opening the box, I get a pink envelop filled with discount vouchers for the brands that are included in the Bellabox. There is also one card listing out all the product in June's Bellabox.. And lastly, all the babies wrapped in pink crepe paper!!

And I think I'm too lucky already!! June's bellabox have 8 items compared to the usual 5 items!! Lucky or not???? :D

Containing....  Lancome, Biotherm, Kiehl's, Shu Uemura and Ralph Lauren! And all very popular one right? *Happy*

This biotherm BB cream is really different from the other BB creams that I've tried before! It is fluid and not creamy when I spread it on my face, and it dries matt, yes really matt. Those BB creams that have promised matt finishes was never matt before :(

And this Ralph Lauren fragrance, its the bombxz!! Super nice smelling!!

Woohoo Lancome stuffs.. Me like!

And I stopped camwhoring with the items, a bit too much huh? :X

Just super happy with my items in this June's fully packed Bellabox!

You can order July's one from them if interested, at

Wonder what's in July's box....

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