Saturday, 2 June 2012

pic-bits #5

Hectic weeks always end up with no lifestyle/outing posts and only pic-bits!

This post will be mainly food with the boyf the past week(s)! That's one thing that I'll still be having, no matter busy or not!

I recall one day when me and the boy went to town, had hot tomato and caught Man In Black 3! It was a good show.. Dinner that day was with quoop! and we went for bowling after dinner! My bowling skills still not bad, I striked 3 times in a single game! :D

Food from hot tomato... See, some greedy person's mouth come already before I'm done with the photo!

Boyf's steak + alio olio!

Moi cabonara!

Cotton candy icecream at Maggie Moos! Yums ^^

Another day after some overnight rushing of project, slept from afternoon till night and had to order delivery for dinner at 11pm.. Pizza Hut last order at 11pm, if not we'd have to order macs already..

Espressoup at jurong point! The concept is more interesting than the food taste nice..

Mushroom soup..

Boyf's chicken soup in bread..

Some yucky crepe-y thing! :(

See the boy, so happy with his food!!!!!!

Anyway, so many people are falling sick now, including myself.. Everyone please take care!!

Bye bye, back to the hated report! :(

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